The Victorian Homing Association 600 Mile Race from Bookaloo 16th November 2010

The Victorian Homing Association’s 600mile race for 2010 was conducted on monday 16th of November from Bookaloo, 600miles NW of Melbourne. The 550 birds were released at 7am into a gentle southerly wind. No birds were clocked on the day. The winner { G.Mountjoy } clocked at 6.29am tuesday. A total of 35 birds were clocked throughout tuesday .VHA rules state that each competitor can only take 2 places. At the APC lofts, hens race under the name of C.Walker while the cocks compete as C and M Walker.

This year the Australian Pigeon Company’s loft had eight birds arrive to be placed in the top thirty two placings. Birds have been photographed 6 days after the race. { Click on photo to enlarge }.


VHA 09 27420 Opal Hen
Clocked at 11:58:41am
8th Open


VHA 08 29268 BCPH
Clocked at 12:06:19am
9th Open


VHA 09 27355 BBPH
Clocked at 1:02:50pm
In time to be 15th open


VHA 09 27638 BCPH
Clocked at 2:28:34
In time to be 20th open


VHA 07 12554
Clocked at 2:51:01
In time to be 21st Open


VHA 09 27545 BCC
Clocked at 3:40:43
26th Open


VHA 08 29433
Clocked at 5:43:50
31st Open


HA 09 27615 BCPC
Clocked at 5:49:04
In time to be 32nd open